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In an age of fast fashion and convenience over quality, the importance of experiencing the finer things in life can often be overlooked in exchange for fleeting thrills.

For those willing to dig a little deeper however, a sensory experience birthed from prestigious and perfected craftsmanship awaits. Welcome to the world of Loch Lomond whisky.

Proudly holding the title as globe’s finest whisky distillery, their history is steeped in the six Celtic clans that touched Loch Lomond. Clans embodied unity and strength, a spirit of togetherness and friendship; the spirit of kinship reflected in the range.

Enjoyed on the rocks or neat, solo after a long day in the office or with your circle out on the town, Loch Lomond brings that illustrious touch of sophistication to your moments of relaxation and celebration.

Creating the finest single malt and single grain whisky from the picturesque shores of the most famous of all Scotland’s lochs since 1814, the fierce pride and passion of the Loch Lomond family to create liquid perfection is evident in every drop of their world-class malts.

And now it’s your turn to experience the unique magic for yourself, Australia; a milestone development that Chief Executive Officer Colin Matthews is thrilled to announce:

“The Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond ranges are a true appreciation of how whisky is developed with authentic Scottish craftsmanship and a dose of innovation. Our master blender, Michael Henry, artfully balances the flavours of each barrel and gives each whisky its own personality.

“Thanks to the help of Vintage Cellars, First Choice and Liquorland, we are excited to show Australians the uniqueness of our range and how the Scots enjoy a proper whisky,” says Colin.

My advice? The next time you raise a glass in honour of celebration, relaxation and all the moments in between; look no further than Loch Lomond.


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I don’t know about you but I get pretty turned on by innovative tech.

Admittedly I don’t have much knowledge when it comes to the digital specifications (cut to an IT guru mentioning RAM capabilities and my mind immediately picturing that sheep talking about home loans), but when it comes technology that champions creativity, flexibility and seamless user experience, I’m a self-confessed addict of the latest and greatest.

Combining my fulltime hustle as the director of Huddle Group with my passion-project editorial work means I am always on my laptop. Seriously. It goes to HQ with me in the morning, attends numerous meetings throughout the day, edits fashion photos in the evening and stays up late drinking French rose and listening to me bitch about my ex until the early hours.

It’s safe to say most of you share similar experiences on the daily; professional and personal pursuits weaving into a constant screen stream of connectivity.

But to get to the top of your game (and stay there), you need best digital hardware available. State-of-the-art software, instant portability, tenacious power, versatile functionality and stylish design are the key elements required for you to stay ahead of the pack in any industry, from finance to fashion design.

Enter the new Asus Zenbook Flip S.

The world’s thinnest convertible laptop, the Zenbook Flip S effortlessly transforms into a touch screen tablet with a digital stylus pen, opening up a whole new world of creative capabilities.

It's portable, light and slim design is somewhat deceptive, internally housing incredible durability and power as a result of being created with the latest, highest performing components on the planet.

The miraculous lovechild of engineering and art, the Zenbook Flip S boasts the best size, functionality, flexibility and performance in the business…all while looking stylish as hell.

Welcome to your new laptop lust-have.

Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry • Part IIl

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From a very early age, standing out from the crowd has always been important to me. I’ve always been captivated by the personality differences that separate us from one another; our individuality that should be celebrated at every opportunity.

It’s the same when it comes to your personal sense of style – it’s vital to embrace your unique taste and select pieces that give you the freedom to be boldly you; whatever that looks like.

The new collection from Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry does exactly that (almost unapologetically so). Boasting a provocative and powerful range of Swiss-made timepieces and accessories,  the brand has managed to achieve the elusive combination of classic style and modern innovation.

Favourites include the City Chrono watches and Boost bracelet…but that’s my personal preference; what will yours be?

Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry • Part II

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When the opportunity arose to travel to Italy to attend the world’s most prestigious men’s style event Pitti Uomo, my reaction was part euphoria, part gratitude and part nervous AF. With such an unforgettable experience on the horizon, surely nothing could heighten my excitement any further?

Well in classic Hancock style, I was wrong; I received a call from Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry and instantly the stakes were raised sky-high.

As Pitti Uomo coincided with their 20th-anniversary celebrations and the launch of their new collection, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the brand's modern innovation and sophisticated style.

It’s no secret that the finishing touch to the outfit of any modern is a sophisticated timepiece with complimentary accessories, but would this timeless trend translate toItalian style? DO Italians do it better? The pressure was on to make our Australian mark on the fashions of Florence and internal questions went into overdrive…

But once we arrived, any doubts flew straight over the cobblestoned streets and up into the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. The spirit of appreciation and inclusiveness at Pitti Uomo made an impact from the first moment - this was a global fashion event without cliques or trends to concern yourself with. This was a celebration of style in many shades and forms, centred around the ever-present influence of Italian culture around the world.


As for finishing touches? Turns out it’s they’re a universal language. Watches, jewellery and understated accessories became statement pieces for the Pitti Uomo pack. With the best street style photographers in the business shooting standout looks to be broadcast by every major fashion publication around the world, the final pieces that bring an outfit together are make or break.

The Swiss-made collection seamlessly combines classic style with modern twists featuring luxe designs to compliment your personal style on the daily. 


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I’ve done the research and all reports indicate that winter has well and truly arrived here in our great south land; yes, in my spare time I'm obviously a scientist. While the frosty seasonal shift means our salty spirits have to take a break from the azure ocean for a few months, it also means the men of Australia can embrace a whole new range of style pieces to express their individual style.

Not a bad trade, hey gents? Layers, we've missed you.

Marks & Spencer are leading the charge with their latest Autumn/Winter collection boasting knitwear, coats, casual looks and formal fashion. Whether you’re desperate for a full wardrobe makeover or just want to add some signature pieces to refresh your seasonal style, the fashion gurus at M&S have you covered.

For my latest Marks & Spencer Style Edit I was drawn to dark trenches, light linen, luxe wool and casual wear in grey and olive tones. Layer it up and let your swag out on the city streets, gentlemen. You know you want to.

Look One • Pure Cotton Textured JumperPure Linen ShirtBlack Skinny Fit Stretch Jeans,  Wool Rich OvercoatLeather Chelsea Boots • Look Two • Baseball Bomber Jacket, Slim Fit Pure Cotten Tee, Slim Fit Pure Cotten Chinos

This collaboration was supported by Marks & Spencer and Shopping Links

Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry • Part 1

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Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry has long been the brand synonymous with elegance, style and sophistication. Often served with unexpected twists to ensure your unique style is perfectly complimented with the ultimate timepiece or accessory, the global fashion brand has just dropped their new Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry 2017 collection and to put it bluntly; it’s baus AF.

Launched in celebrate their 20th anniversary of leading the style stakes for men and women alike, the new CK range will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact as some of their finest work to date. Featuring Swiss-made designs that exude both a minimal and dynamic aesthetic, the overall feel is modern luxury; desirable with a distinct difference.

After attending their 20th birthday celebrations in Sydney I’m honoured to taking Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry to the streets of Florence for Pitti Uomo, the world’s ultimate men’s style event. Against a backdrop of cobblestoned streets and historic monuments we’re going to rediscover the true spirit of masculine style as it how CK have reimagined the classic concept of dapper in their quest for the perfect timepiece. 

That Perfect Calibre Cut // Part 1

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The arrival of autumn in Australia is marked with a subtle kind of seasonal magic; days become cooler with the Pacific Ocean breeze, evenings lengthen at a leisurely pace and layered looks return to the table as the summer haze lifts. The scorching heat drawing to a close means men can style-up with a blazer, jacket or tie without overheating to the temperature of the sun.

What a time to be alive.

The Lords of style at Calibre have dropped their new season line and to say it's some of their best work would be an understatement of epic proportions. The range features classic autumn tones of navy, muted charcoals, brown and black...

And then there's the statement pieces. Think textured blazers of maroon twill or dark aqua velvet with secret-society-esque emblems, short-suits in loud geometric patterns and unexpected bursts of bold colour.

Fresh, unique, the perfect collision of modern and dapper - I’ll take two of everything, thanks.

PSA: Gents, you must check out their range of killer lapel pins. The designs consist of carved leather, fabric, even bronze and aluminium; they're all limited release with a small number available, keeping your finishing touches as original and unique as the man wearing them.

Shot by Johnny Vision wearing the Slim Piping Shirt, Neutral Polo Blazer, Sharp Ankle Plant, Henderson Monk Slippers, Star Bullion Badge  & Pocket Square by Calibre.

Macquarie Centre | Gift Guide For Him

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Christmas shopping in Sydney can be a thrilling experience that fills you with overwhelming emotions of love and generosity as you select the perfect gifts for your nearest and dearest.

At the same time, it can be as harrowing as a dentist drilling a tooth.

While you ride a rollercoaster together.
In North Korea.

So what’s the secret to the perfect Christmas shopping experience? Quite simply where you choose to shop. You want to tick off your Santa list somewhere that offers a wealth of international brands in the one location and with a range of options to suit every budget.

Thankfully there’s a premium retail destination that offers all this and so much more.
Introducing Macquarie Centre!

I visited the sophisticated shopping space to curate my Gift Guide For Him and it was a luxe, seamless experience from beginning to end. Valet parking, a huge collection of retailers and impeccable service ensure the ultimate retail experience at Macquarie Centre and I’ve got the haul to prove it.

My Gift Guide For Him includes pieces from Uniqlo, Peter Jackson, H&M, Ron Bennett, Betts, Typo, MYER, Sunglass Hut and Vintage Cellars, perfect for any men in your life this Christmas.

Whether you're shopping for your partner, brother, dad or uncle; get inspired with my signature selections below and then visit Macquarie Centre to select a unique gift that reflects their personal taste or style to share a truly memorable Christmas moment this year.

1. Anchor Bracelet $12.95,  H&M  2. Veuve Clicquot $66.66,  Vintage Cellars  3. Lapel Pin $39.95,  Peter Jackson  4. Dior Sauvage Fragrance $224,  MYER  5. Travel Journal $29.99,  Typo  6. Cufflinks $19.95,  Ron Bennett  7. Raybans $390.00,  Sunglass Hut , 8. Tan Dress Shoes $89.99,  Betts  9. Linen Blazer $129.90,  Uniqlo

1. Anchor Bracelet $12.95, H&M 2. Veuve Clicquot $66.66, Vintage Cellars 3. Lapel Pin $39.95, Peter Jackson 4. Dior Sauvage Fragrance $224, MYER 5. Travel Journal $29.99, Typo 6. Cufflinks $19.95, Ron Bennett 7. Raybans $390.00, Sunglass Hut, 8. Tan Dress Shoes $89.99, Betts 9. Linen Blazer $129.90, Uniqlo

Rhodes & Beckett Spring Racing Style Guide

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Arguably the biggest fashion event on the Australian calendar, Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is so much more then a succession of race days. Celebrities, media identities, business moguls and an increasing number of super-styling influencers descend on The Birdcage in Melbourne's Flemington Racecourse to celebrate, indulge and make their mark in the style stakes.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when selecting your Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival looks and we want you to feel a million bucks across your Derby DayMelbourne Cup and Oakes Day celebrations; so we've teamed up with the suiting lords at Rhodes & Beckett to put together an exclusive Rhodes & Beckett Spring Racing Style Guide

Take inspiration from our editorial created with top-to-toe Rhodes & Beckett pieces, note some of the styling guidelines, put the champagne on ice and dapper down with tailored menswear looks this Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival, gents. Giddy up!

Derby Day //
The annual launch day for the Spring Racing Carnival, Derby Day is traditionally a black and white affair. A three piece will set you apart from fellow gentlemen, especially when paired with contrasting patterns and textures. Pinstripes, polkadots, block colours - mix it up for a truly unique look this Derby Day.

Melbourne Cup //
Melbourne Cup is the race that stops the nation and your outfit should include touches as bold and brazen as the ensuing celebrations. Colour truly takes first place for Melbourne Cup and this season it's all about blue, maroon, purple and navy. Make sure your pocket square, tie and lapel pin are complimentary but not matching - again, various patterns are key.

Crown Oaks Day //
Known as the race day for the ladies to shine, it's time for the boys to be chivalrous and let the girls have their well-heeled fun. While slightly more casual then Derby Day or Melbourne Cup, it's still vital to dress the part for Crown Oaks Day. Lighter suiting, pastel colours and toned down accessories will ensure a relaxed look while retaining your dapper style.

STYLE | Marks & Spencer

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Do you even suit bro?

Suiting has come a long way and it’s awesome to see classic styles evolve as modern men become more at ease with adding a unique twist to traditional looks.

We don't know about you but we don't have to rock a corporate look for the office every day...that being said, we love to dress for success and style accordingly.

As a compromise, we're pretty addicted to combining suits and tees for a unique look that’s part street, part sir. Literally the perfect outfit to take you seamlessly from day to night, we recommend pairing a tailored suit with a casual top and sneakers/high tops for the ultimate relaxed, suave vibe.

And where does one find the perfect fit to pull this off? Marks & Spencer, of course.

The London fashion house is rocking a seriously stylish range that we couldn't wait to get our hands on - so naturally, we selected a few favourite Marks & Spencer pieces for an editorial collaboration. Their range is versatile in both style and cost, meaning you’ll find the perfect fit no matter your personal taste and budget here.

The only thing left to decide is how you’ll twist your suit style to suit your swagger. 

Suit Pants: Marks & Spencer Super Slim Fit Flat Front Trousers
Suit Jacket:  Marks & Spencer Super Slim Fit Flat Front Trousers
Top: Marks & Spencer Pure Cotton Tee
Shoes: Le Coq Sportif

Style Edit | Michael Hill

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At some point in your journey from adolescence to adulthood, cheap thrills no longer become attractive when selecting the pieces that express your unique style to the world. Authenticity, fine craftsmanship, timeless design, sophistication…these are the design attributes that start to emerge as desirable. 

Perhaps it’s a deepening knowledge of yourself, a greater understanding of your personal tastes or simply wanting to prioritise quality over quantity. Whatever reason, we’ve reached a point where finer trumps fleeting.

And that’s the exact ethos behind the jeweller craftsmen of Michael Hill.

Boasting a broad selection of jewellery, watches and accessories for both men and women, Michael Hill
remain one of the few jewellery retailers that have an in-house team of master craftsmen – dedicated to creating your future heirlooms and keepsakes while continuously perfecting their craft.

For over 30 years they’ve shared a local and global style vision, catering quality design to consumers across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States and their lengthly commitment to fine design is obvious in throughout their range.

Our personal favourites include the Men’s Watch With Diamonds In Gold Tone and the classic Sterling Silver Bands featured in our style edit below but what will yours be? Check out the timeless range to suit all tastes and budgets here.

STYLE EDIT | The Myer Man

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Traditionally men are often overlooked for our much lovelier female counterparts when it comes to fashion. Luckily we live in 2016, an age witnessing the resurgence of the gentleman and in turn, men’s style. Dudes, now is the time to get down and dapper.

Australia’s fashion powerhouse Myer are tipping their hats to the menswear movement with the recent launch of their new digital stream The Myer Man.

Essentially a visual diary and online destination featuring their growing range of men’s styles available in-store and online, think of The Myer Man as your new brotherhood, a community of dudes who like to look and feel good as they make their mark on the world.

I’ll drink to that *sips whiskey*

We recently shot our first style edit for The Myer Man, focusing on key streetwear looks from the likes of Scotch & Soda, Nana Judy, Superdry, Levis and more and we kid you not – we could have pulled 50 looks from the menswear selections available. From everyday basics to premium luxury labels, office style and street wear; Myer are working overtime to make sure the modern Australian man is rocking a sophisticated swag no matter what the occasion.

So check out our style edit below, get into Myer stat to see the ranges for yourselves and make sure you follow The Myer Man on Instagram
here to stay up to date with the boys.

The Dyson AM09 Hot & Cold Fan Heater

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The seasons are changing here in Australia – but much like our unique and extreme country the weather is anything but predictable with soaring temperatures meaning we’re still swimming in the ocean a mere 4 weeks from the first day of winter.

Luckily, Dyson have answered the call to comfort no matter what weather patterns are thrown our way. Introducing the Dyson AM09 Hot+ Cool. The latest in bladeless tech, the AM09 fan heater allows you to seamlessly switch between personal or full room heating in the winter or cooling in the summer.

Or cooling in the winter. Or heating in the summer. #australianclimate

Available in White & Nickel or Black and Nickel, the sleek design and whisper silent operation of the Dyson Hot+Cool makes it a seriously stylish addition to keeping your pad on point, whatever the weather. Shop the full range here!

The TY-LR Style Edit

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TY-LR isn’t your standard modern Australian designer label.

Catering for both men and women with new ready to wear collections every month, the brand was personally endorsed by Kendall Jenner in a Teen Vogue interview last month. Regardless of your personal thoughts on the Kardashian Klan (not a typo) this is a pretty big deal; boasting an audience of over 60 million and access to every high-end label on earth a published endorsement from Kendall is an achievement in itself.

But then there’s the actual range itself.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot some style edits in my top selections from the line and let me tell you…TY-LR is suave AF. The brand excels with an almost exclusive monochrome palette, unique fabrics, slouchy suiting and the lushest leather/suede jackets I’ve ever worn. 

And we all know there’s nothing sexier than a killer LJ.

Take a look at The TY-LR Style Edit Pt 1 below featuring The Kieren Suit + Pennington Tee and shop the rest of the range here.

The Sheaf Champagne Brunch

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It's a well known fact that Sydneysiders love brunch. Real talk - what's not to love? The indulgent dining, the style, the fact that it's socially acceptable (read: encouraged) to drink alcohol before noon...brunch is simply a beautiful combination of a few of our  favourite things.

And now you're invited to experience it for yourself.

The Sheaf is collaborating with Veuve Cliquot and Belvedere for an Autumn Sunday brunch set in the heart of Double Bay with guests enjoying a casual yet indulgent morning in the Garden Bar showcasing all that this premium Eastern Suburbs venue has to offer.

Newly appointed Head Chef Sam Brading who hails from the acclaimed (E’cco Bistro, Brisbane and Season Restaurant, Noosa) has curated the menu which will feature a charcuterie and cheese station, fruit platters and granola, large communal salads from the Autumn menu, fresh bagels, Tasmanian wood-smoked salmon and Alaskan crab sliders.

Guests will choose between a glass of Veuve Cliquot on arrival or a Belvedere Bloody Mary from the “build-your-own” bar which will display a selection of delicious and unconventional garnishes. 

So gather your #clique, grab your tickets here and join us next Sunday at The Sheaf to sip on bottles of champagne underneath the giant Moreton Bay Fig Tree.

Because brunch, babe.

Autumn Racing | Myer X Topman Style Edit

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This just in: autumn racing season is upon us. Yes, I know, it was the 3rd of January yesterday, we skipped February entirely and suddenly it’s mid-March.

Moving on.

Style wise, Autumn Carnival is a fairly unique experience on the social calendar. Summer is done and your outfits must be adjusted accordingly with dark navy and tan leather coming out in force…but it’s still relatively warm and scorching days are more frequent than stuttering Mike Baird interviews defending questionable donations from Sydney casinos.

Ohhh, #political.

I suggest layering up but keep the materials light and breezy; chinos and blazers in cotton and linen, playful ties and a mixture of light and dark colours for a well rounded autumn look.  MYER is now rocking a stunning mens range from Topman which is updated on the daily so you can rest assured you’ll look fresher than fresh come race day.

Simon wears Topman shirt, tie, blazer, chinos, belt, shoes & shades.

Valentines Day: The Dude Guide

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Let’s be honest – us dudes don’t always do Valentines Day well. The flowers, the restaurant, what to wear and how to show you care; we can get overwhelmed by the fear of under performing in the face of romance. Luckily we’ve got you sorted this year with our Valentines Day: The Dude Guide.

We’ve rounded up Sydney’s best options for flowers, restaurants and threads to make that lasting impression regardless of whether you're casual or ride-or-die lovers. 

The Flowers – Jodie McGregor Flowers

All flowers are created the same, right? Wrong.

With a range of beautiful blooms styled with creative flair that expresses romantic feelings better than us men ever could, Jodie McGregor Flowers is your go-to for a floral gift your lover will remember long after February 14th. Their truly magnificent range caters to all tastes and budgets and they're delivering all
 weekend long. Stop and smell the love.

Wine & Dine | The Phoenix Woollahra

With it’s chic, minimal interiors, focus on fresh produce and delectable modern Mediterranean menu you couldn’t be blamed for thinking a Valentines Day booking at The Phoenix Woollahra would cost you the world...but luckily you can score a delectable set menu and glass of bubbles for just $65 p/p this Sunday. Book via their website here.

Luxe Wine & Dine | Vine Double Bay

A staple among the Sydney IT crowd, Double Bay’s Vine is known for it’s refined dining and contemporary menu with a French heart. Expect world class service and inventive, seasonal dishes created by Executive Chef Drew Bolton.  Enjoy 6 courses to share, two complimentary glasses of champagne + a beauty gift bag for $95. Book via their website here.

The Threads | Topman Australia

Need to smarten up for your night of romance but still want to retain a little street swag? Topman Australia is your destination, dudes. With new looks that cater to a range of styles stocked every day your bound to find the perfect threads to make your lover swoon.

The Luxe Threads | Herringbone

Known for their exceptional tailoring and structured suiting, Herringbone is leading the industry for dapper modern men looking to lead in the fashion stakes. To sweep your better half of their feet we suggest suiting up in one of the latest looks from this men's fashion powerhouse. Oh you fancy huh?


Lifestyle | Luxury Superyacht Oscar II

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There’s no doubt Australians have a profound connection with the ocean but Sydneysiders take it to new heights when it comes to our iconic Sydney Harbour.

The Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, the dazzling white beaches dotted along the east coast fringed by million dollar mansions; it’s impossible to argue that there is a more beautiful city harbour anywhere on earth.

And the best way to experience the finer things in life on the water? From the luxurious comfort of a superyacht. Obviously.

Introducing OSCAR II, the fleet leader of luxury superyachts available for use on Sydney Harbour.

OSCAR II creates a seamless experience with style, service and on board dining, boasting an impressive list of international celebrity clientele (most recently none other that Beyonce and Katy Perry) and frequented by well-known local personalities. The vessel allows guests the opportunity to explore the waters in private, while enjoying the luxury, comfort and service this super yacht has to offer.

At 104ft, OSCAR II can accommodate up to 64 guests onboard and sleeps ten comfortably in bedrooms that are almost definitely fancier than most at home.

The vessel also features a spa, extensive outdoor decks, private dining, multi-zoned surround sound, air-conditioning, LCD TVs and a sun-bridge with lounge chairs.

The best part? You can hire out OSCAR II for your own day (or week) of decadence on the water complete with all-inclusive premium beverage packages and cuisine including seafood direct from Sydney Fish Markets.

Make your next birthday, corporate event or social celebration a fancy affair and get in touch with the OSCAR II events team today at

LOST PARADISE | A Sensory Experience Like No Other

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New Years Eve.

That magical night once a year when anything can happen…but you’ll probably just end up at the local pub at midnight next to a father of two after failing to secure an UBER to the house party where all the pretty people are getting turnt up.

UNLESS you make seriously awesome alternate plans ahead of time, that is.

Luckily we’ve sourced a New Years solution that will see you create memories that last far beyond the resolutions you definitely won’t keep; a sensory overload of creativity, spirituality, self expression and classic party elements we all crave on this night of nights.

Introducing Lost Paradise.

A bespoke 3 day festival experience of of live music, art installations, yoga, wining, dining and so much more…

Situated an hour and a half from Sydney in pristine Glenworth Valley, Lost Paradise features some of the world’s hottest bands and DJ’s. Yet, this isn’t just a music festival.

Lost Paradise is an interactive experience offering a plethora of diverse and entertaining activities, ranging from open-sourced art installations, a 3 course long-table feast, a pamper spa, champagne gardens, the most luxurious glamping to date, speakeasies tucked away in the woods, a cabinet of curiosities, and other such eclectic wonders to surprise throughout the Lost Paradise journey.

Lost Paradise is the festival experience that will see you bid farewell to 2015 with the dues it deserves and welcome 2016 with the fanfare of all the best things yet to come.

As for the line up? Angus & Julia Stone. Jon Hopkins. The Jungle Giants. Hayden James. Hot Dub Time Machine.  And that’s just to name a few.

Lost Paradise runs from 29 – 31st December 2015 and final release tickets are flying out the door so secure yours now at