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Model Moment | Simone Holtznagel

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With her luscious blonde locks, Jolie-level pout and killer curves, Simone Holtznagel is the one to if you could help it. The Australia's Next Top Model graduate recently relocated to LA to fulfil her duties as the new GUESS girl after being discovered by CEO Paul Marciano himself. All this and she also happens to be one of my very best friends. Looks like I did something right in a past life. 

I caught up with the superstar herself for to talk  fashion, fitness and that luxe LA lifestyle...

Q: Moan, you’re killing it as of late. In a whirlwind schedule of daily shoots and castings how do you stay in shape?
A: Aw THANKS! It's handy the gym is a few doors down for my apartment. I go most days unless I've been working everyday for a few days in a row...but even then I still try to go and do a little work out even if it's just for 30 minutes. If I'm not there you can find me at Hot Barre class which is my secret weapon. 

Q: Paul M has recruited you as a the new GUESS girl. No biggie. Are you feeling the pressure or just loving the ride?
A: Right now I'm just loving the ride. I feel like once you are on a roll - because you're in such a great place mentally and career wise - you're more confident and so it's like a snowball effect for the work to keep on coming in.

Q: You’ve recently relocated to LA. For those visiting the Tinseltown anytime soon what’s your must-see restaurant recommendation?
A: CHATEAU MARMONT. The best spaghetti this side of Italy. Just the best everything. Best food. Best vibe. That's my go to food/watering hole. And it's walking distance from my house. I am usually there minimum 3 nights a week, depending on my schedule. 

Q: Looking into the future plans for world domination; will we see you acting or presenting anytime soon?
A: I'm quite lucky that I have an amazing mentor Christine Peters here in LA. She wrote How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. She has a few things in the works that I have read some scripts for and she's introduced me to a lot of important people in the acting industry so we will wait and see...It's nice to have someone like her take me under their wing.  

Q: Finally, let’s give the Aussies a little love. Who are your favourite Australian designers to wear on the red carpet?
A: Wheels and Dollbaby are my go to. All of their pieces are super beautiful and really stand out. Also, they fit me like an absolute glove and make you feel amazing.