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Love spontaneous getaways and nights away living it up in the lap of luxury? Perhaps you just want to jump on a bed and run  an overflowing bubble bath without the annoyance of having to clean it up afterwards.

We’ll it’s time for you to meet 2015’s hottest travel tip – new hotel booking app HotelTonight.

It’s simple. Download the app, search carefully curated hotels in your vicinity, compare the best deals and book your stay all from your mobile. Hotels load their unsold rooms for up to 7 nights in advance into the app, giving you a chance to taste the finer things in life for a fraction of the price.

We recently checked into Blue Sydney to try out the process and it was seriously smooth as silk, right down to the ‘DIY Bloody Mary’ kit we received on arrival.

HotelTonight. Plan less, live more.

SIMON SAYS download the app today the use promo code SHANCOCK29 to earn free credits towards your next hotel stay. Thank me later.

Images shot by Jude Cohen.