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FIT FEATURE | Introducing Blake Worrall-Thompson

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Need to lose that winter weight ahead of the all-important spring and summer #beachbody seasons? We've got the answer. Meet  TV personality, personal trainer and author Blake Worrall-Thompson; one of the most sought after health and fitness experts in the country.

Blake has owned and operated a number of personal training and bootcamp businesses, has been involved with the management team of Australia’s largest gym chain and now divides his time between his latest #6w2s creations; Six Weeks To Shredded for the boys and Six Weeks To Sexy for the girls. All of this in addition to his blog ‘Wellbeing By Blake’ and inspiring others to live out best life through his speaking and writing engagements.

Busy boy.

Blake's innovative and results based training methods have seen him work with and transform the bodies of celebrities such as Lauren Brant, Lara Bingle, Sally Obermeder, Maude Garrett, Carissa Walford and Natalie Bassingthwaighte.

Q. Blake, you’re already on your way to building a fitness empire through your multiple training/diet programs and Well Being By Blake online fitness forums. When did your obsession with all things fit really kick in?
A. As early as I can remember. I was always into sport and being active (I think it was mums only way of curbing my ADD) and after I missed out on playing A.F.L, which was always my dream, I turned to personal training almost straight away.  

Q. 6 Weeks 2 Shredded is all about men achieving mental and physical goals they previously thought unreachable. Tell us what’s so special about this particular training program.
A. Mate I think there are a number of things.
- Firstly the bromance of it. For a lot of blokes they miss that camaraderie that comes with social sport.
- Also I think the time frame is realistic for a number of people – 6 weeks is enough to get serious results but not too long where you freak out about the commitment. You’ve also got a high standard of training. When I first started 6w2s the shredded program was a pretty lazy bunch in comparison to the girls – but we may a number of changes, got some fit guys in to lead by example and now it is a super impressive bunch of guys.

- Finally I think it also comes to results. If you’re not getting results you wont hang around. 

Q. 6 Weeks 2 Sexy focuses on building fitness and confidence levels of women, no matter their shape or size. What’s one piece of motivational training advice you can offer our female readers
A. Get started. Every day I have conversations with girls (and guys) about what they cant do and why they cant do it and they have actually bought into their own story and start believing it. Yes, it can be hard to get started – creating any new habit is, but stick with it – and maybe even drag a training partner into it to make life easier and more accountable for you.

Q. We’ve all heard the saying ‘Abs Are Made In The Kitchen’. Exactly how important is diet when combined with a rigorous training program?
A. The truth is ‘you cant outrun a bad diet’ – with that in mind, extremely important. Everyone has their own special formula but my belief is that the ultimate bod is made up of 3 components 1) Nutrition which accounts for 70%  2) exercise which accounts for somewhere between 20-25% and 3) lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, hormones which account for 5-10% 

 Q. Summer bodies are made in winter. What’s one tip you can offer the guys out there to ensure they’re ready for speedo season?
A. Don’t wait. The average Australian will put on 3-5kgs over winter which can be very hard to budge come September/ October when the weather starts to improve. You’ve got 3 months between now and when you are likely to get the speedos out – that is exciting because it means you don’t have to do anything crazy – just a steady progression towards your target!  

 Q. Final question – we know you’re a man that champions physical and mental health and loves a good inspirational quote. What’s your go-to mantra?
A. ‘Actions speak louder than words’ – just get on with it ;) 

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