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The TY-LR Style Edit

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TY-LR isn’t your standard modern Australian designer label.

Catering for both men and women with new ready to wear collections every month, the brand was personally endorsed by Kendall Jenner in a Teen Vogue interview last month. Regardless of your personal thoughts on the Kardashian Klan (not a typo) this is a pretty big deal; boasting an audience of over 60 million and access to every high-end label on earth a published endorsement from Kendall is an achievement in itself.

But then there’s the actual range itself.

I recently had the opportunity to shoot some style edits in my top selections from the line and let me tell you…TY-LR is suave AF. The brand excels with an almost exclusive monochrome palette, unique fabrics, slouchy suiting and the lushest leather/suede jackets I’ve ever worn. 

And we all know there’s nothing sexier than a killer LJ.

Take a look at The TY-LR Style Edit Pt 1 below featuring The Kieren Suit + Pennington Tee and shop the rest of the range here.