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The Dyson AM09 Hot & Cold Fan Heater

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The seasons are changing here in Australia – but much like our unique and extreme country the weather is anything but predictable with soaring temperatures meaning we’re still swimming in the ocean a mere 4 weeks from the first day of winter.

Luckily, Dyson have answered the call to comfort no matter what weather patterns are thrown our way. Introducing the Dyson AM09 Hot+ Cool. The latest in bladeless tech, the AM09 fan heater allows you to seamlessly switch between personal or full room heating in the winter or cooling in the summer.

Or cooling in the winter. Or heating in the summer. #australianclimate

Available in White & Nickel or Black and Nickel, the sleek design and whisper silent operation of the Dyson Hot+Cool makes it a seriously stylish addition to keeping your pad on point, whatever the weather. Shop the full range here!