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Style Edit | Michael Hill

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At some point in your journey from adolescence to adulthood, cheap thrills no longer become attractive when selecting the pieces that express your unique style to the world. Authenticity, fine craftsmanship, timeless design, sophistication…these are the design attributes that start to emerge as desirable. 

Perhaps it’s a deepening knowledge of yourself, a greater understanding of your personal tastes or simply wanting to prioritise quality over quantity. Whatever reason, we’ve reached a point where finer trumps fleeting.

And that’s the exact ethos behind the jeweller craftsmen of Michael Hill.

Boasting a broad selection of jewellery, watches and accessories for both men and women, Michael Hill
remain one of the few jewellery retailers that have an in-house team of master craftsmen – dedicated to creating your future heirlooms and keepsakes while continuously perfecting their craft.

For over 30 years they’ve shared a local and global style vision, catering quality design to consumers across New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States and their lengthly commitment to fine design is obvious in throughout their range.

Our personal favourites include the Men’s Watch With Diamonds In Gold Tone and the classic Sterling Silver Bands featured in our style edit below but what will yours be? Check out the timeless range to suit all tastes and budgets here.