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That Perfect Calibre Cut // Part 1

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The arrival of autumn in Australia is marked with a subtle kind of seasonal magic; days become cooler with the Pacific Ocean breeze, evenings lengthen at a leisurely pace and layered looks return to the table as the summer haze lifts. The scorching heat drawing to a close means men can style-up with a blazer, jacket or tie without overheating to the temperature of the sun.

What a time to be alive.

The Lords of style at Calibre have dropped their new season line and to say it's some of their best work would be an understatement of epic proportions. The range features classic autumn tones of navy, muted charcoals, brown and black...

And then there's the statement pieces. Think textured blazers of maroon twill or dark aqua velvet with secret-society-esque emblems, short-suits in loud geometric patterns and unexpected bursts of bold colour.

Fresh, unique, the perfect collision of modern and dapper - I’ll take two of everything, thanks.

PSA: Gents, you must check out their range of killer lapel pins. The designs consist of carved leather, fabric, even bronze and aluminium; they're all limited release with a small number available, keeping your finishing touches as original and unique as the man wearing them.

Shot by Johnny Vision wearing the Slim Piping Shirt, Neutral Polo Blazer, Sharp Ankle Plant, Henderson Monk Slippers, Star Bullion Badge  & Pocket Square by Calibre.