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Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry • Part II

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When the opportunity arose to travel to Italy to attend the world’s most prestigious men’s style event Pitti Uomo, my reaction was part euphoria, part gratitude and part nervous AF. With such an unforgettable experience on the horizon, surely nothing could heighten my excitement any further?

Well in classic Hancock style, I was wrong; I received a call from Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry and instantly the stakes were raised sky-high.

As Pitti Uomo coincided with their 20th-anniversary celebrations and the launch of their new collection, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase the brand's modern innovation and sophisticated style.

It’s no secret that the finishing touch to the outfit of any modern is a sophisticated timepiece with complimentary accessories, but would this timeless trend translate toItalian style? DO Italians do it better? The pressure was on to make our Australian mark on the fashions of Florence and internal questions went into overdrive…

But once we arrived, any doubts flew straight over the cobblestoned streets and up into the sun-drenched hills of Tuscany. The spirit of appreciation and inclusiveness at Pitti Uomo made an impact from the first moment - this was a global fashion event without cliques or trends to concern yourself with. This was a celebration of style in many shades and forms, centred around the ever-present influence of Italian culture around the world.


As for finishing touches? Turns out it’s they’re a universal language. Watches, jewellery and understated accessories became statement pieces for the Pitti Uomo pack. With the best street style photographers in the business shooting standout looks to be broadcast by every major fashion publication around the world, the final pieces that bring an outfit together are make or break.

The Swiss-made collection seamlessly combines classic style with modern twists featuring luxe designs to compliment your personal style on the daily.