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In an age of fast fashion and convenience over quality, the importance of experiencing the finer things in life can often be overlooked in exchange for fleeting thrills.

For those willing to dig a little deeper however, a sensory experience birthed from prestigious and perfected craftsmanship awaits. Welcome to the world of Loch Lomond whisky.

Proudly holding the title as globe’s finest whisky distillery, their history is steeped in the six Celtic clans that touched Loch Lomond. Clans embodied unity and strength, a spirit of togetherness and friendship; the spirit of kinship reflected in the range.

Enjoyed on the rocks or neat, solo after a long day in the office or with your circle out on the town, Loch Lomond brings that illustrious touch of sophistication to your moments of relaxation and celebration.

Creating the finest single malt and single grain whisky from the picturesque shores of the most famous of all Scotland’s lochs since 1814, the fierce pride and passion of the Loch Lomond family to create liquid perfection is evident in every drop of their world-class malts.

And now it’s your turn to experience the unique magic for yourself, Australia; a milestone development that Chief Executive Officer Colin Matthews is thrilled to announce:

“The Glen Scotia and Loch Lomond ranges are a true appreciation of how whisky is developed with authentic Scottish craftsmanship and a dose of innovation. Our master blender, Michael Henry, artfully balances the flavours of each barrel and gives each whisky its own personality.

“Thanks to the help of Vintage Cellars, First Choice and Liquorland, we are excited to show Australians the uniqueness of our range and how the Scots enjoy a proper whisky,” says Colin.

My advice? The next time you raise a glass in honour of celebration, relaxation and all the moments in between; look no further than Loch Lomond.